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Four Ways to Style Your MMM Macaron Tower

Hey friends! With more MMM Macaron Towers making their way into your kitchens, we thought we would share some of our favorite ways to style a Macaron Tower.

We LOVE fall! While some may argue that it's still summer, we are embracing the later sunrises and earlier sunsets, the (very slightly) cooler temperatures, and lots and lots of PUMPKIN! In fact, two of the six flavors in this tower are pumpkin forward -- the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte and the rich Pumpkin Cheesecake. We leaned into this theme and used decorations we had around the house to build out four versions of this beautiful showpiece.

  1. The Classic Macaron Tower Display

Display 1-2 macarons on the top. These are very easy for guests to snag and are a natural extension to the tiers.

We recommend using an elevated macaron design for the tops. Some quick and easy ways to elevate your bake: a brush of gold food coloring, adding extra flavor (like this espresso bean), or a drizzle of chocolate and some pretty sprinkles.

2. Add a topper.

A topper helps put the finishing touch on the tower to match the theme of a party, preview the flavors that guests will find in the macarons, or just add a little pizzazz to the display.

3. Decorate the tablescape around the Macaron Tower.

Use the space around the Macaron Tower to compliment the contents of the tower. Here, I used greenery to draw out the color and a neutral pumpkin to make sure the guests know I'm fall focused.

As the macarons are eaten, you can repurpose this greenery wrapping it around the bottom layer to maintain a full and complete look.

4. Replace the macarons with decorative items.

Here, I removed two macarons to create a space that fits a 3.5" foam pumpkin. Stagger the decoration across the tiers.

This can be done at the beginning or managed throughout the course of the event to fill in empty spots as guests enjoy your bakes.

Add little extras for pops of color and eye-catching details. Here, we added berries to weave the oranges and reds throughout the tower.

There are so many ways to customize this look to make it distinctive you. We cannot wait to see what you create! Be sure to tag us and include #MMMMacaronTower.

Display with Confidence.


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