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Welcome to the Makery

Our History

Hi! I'm Melinda. Together with my family, we are Miss Melinda's Makery, social media content account, an ongoing charitable bake sale, and now an online store featuring a macaron must-have, the macaron tower!

Like many, my macaron journey started during quarantine. Since then, I've pushed the boundaries of how macaron batter can be shaped. I've developed - and shared! - these innovative techniques on my Instagram Page. I love helping new bakers conquer macarons and experienced bakers find their way to 3D bakes.

The circle macaron is iconic. And, a tower of macarons is an absolute vision.

I started with the flimsy plastic towers, but they never felt on brand. I love the beautiful handmade towers, but as a small home baker, I didn't need that size and couldn't justify the price of the investment piece.

So, I tasked my husband - affectionately dubbed "Mr. Makery" - to make one for me. 


The ask: a macaron tower that is detachable (so I can customize the layers to fit my needs), collapsible (so it's easy to store), food-safe, party-friendly (holding enough macs to display and serve), and most importantly, a show piece that is beautiful to look at even after the macs have been eaten. 

He delivered. 

Now, we want to deliver to you. We designed the MMM Macaron Tower with the baker in mind. The smooth top allows you to customize with your brand sticker, decorate to fit the theme of the party, or display additional macs. The alignment channel steadies the macarons to prevent your delicate treats from rolling out or falling like dominos once one is taken. And, we're offering it at a more modest price to support your business' bottom line.

Thank you for stopping by to check us out. We are a small family-owned business who want to offer a quality product to this amazing baking community.

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