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What makes MMM Mac Towers Special?

MMM Macaron Towers were designed by a macaron maker to help home bakers and small bakeries Display with Confidence.

Alignment Channel.jpg

Alignment Channel

Perfectly balances your macarons so your display remains intact from the first to the last macaron.


Food Safe

Made with food-grade materials and sealed with a food-safe finish.


Detachable & Collapsible

Detachable to customize the size of the display, and collapsible for easy storage.

Display with confidence.

Fred (@doc_macaron), MA

“Beautifully designed and easy to assemble. They're the best macaron towers I have used!”

Camila (@piesandtacos), FL

"Melinda's towers are the best I've ever seen for macarons! They're elegant, sturdy, and super pretty! I love the scalloped one so much! They are also collapsible so easy to store. if you want to display your macarons in a beautiful way, with an impressive presentation, definitely get yourself a tower!"

Theresa (@mamatsbaking), CA

“I am SOOO THRILLED!!! The plastic ones only fit macs are so small. I will probably end up ordering more - I have events that are on the same day. So happy! Great great product! love love"

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